Dos and Don'ts of Talking to Interesting New People on Anonymous Online Chat Rooms

Online chatting sites are very much back in fashion and the best of the current lot of sites where you can chat with random strangers online is is a free and anonymous chat room which is controlled by a team of dedicated human moderators.
You can also access our free chat app for Android, called as mChat, which ensures that you are always connected to your friends on, no matter where you are and what you're doing.

There is however a list of do's and don'ts for behaving in online chat rooms that you should know about. Let's see what they are.
  • Do: Be bold and make a move with unique personalized messages.
    If you are a guy trying to chat up a girl, don't use the standard pickup lines that everyone uses. Try something unique and different, something exciting, which will get her attention. Be bold in how you chat up a girl – women like men who make a strong move for them. Understand this – women are looking for someone they can potentially hook up with, they are looking for someone special, and are not here on just to make friends. So be bold and make a move with fun and interesting, unique personalized messages. Ask personal questions that make her think. It is the same with you girls – guys love a bold woman who is sexually liberated and is not afraid to use her femininity to attract a partner.
  • Don't: Don't talk about yourself all the time.
    Online chats are all about give and take. Avoid going on a monologue; stop talking about yourself all the time. Be an active listener, listen to the people you are chatting with, show some interest in what they are telling you.
    Be funny and interesting and use self-deprecatory humor. Make it about the other person who you are chatting with, and not just about you. The world does not revolve around you, remember? Other people have a life too, talk to them about that.
  • Do: Ask personal questions
    Don't be afraid to ask personal questions to people you meet on an anonymous online chat room on People appreciate that as they love talking about themselves. Also, they know that since is totally anonymous, they have nothing to fear. They can reveal everything about their life, their goals, dreams and motivations without revealing their identity. Ask them open ended questions, questions that make them think before they give an answer. Avoid "yes" or "no" questions. Think of some fun questions to ask, just write them down on a piece of paper and ask them to the next interesting person you chat up with on Sweety. Have fun!
  • Don't: Don't reveal too much about yourself.
    Don't reveal any personal information such as your real name, your address, where you work and how much you earn. Don't send pictures of yourself to someone you have just met in an online chat room.
  • Don't start talking about your ex-wife or ex-boyfriend and how much you hate them and about all the bad stuff that happened to you in your life. Nobody likes a sob story; people just want to have mindless fun on online chat rooms.
  • You should forget your worries and anxieties and have fun too. Don't take anonymous online chat rooms too seriously and just enjoy the flirtatious banter on